Do you and your dog need some help?

Trying to organise a much-needed holiday, shifts at work changing, having to work long and/or unsocial hours, needing to care for the family and so on. Sounds familiar? Modern family life is often a complicated, fast-moving balancing act, just the sort of thing that sometimes means caring for your dog the way you want to - and they demand - is almost impossible.

Dobermann puppy Milo

waiting to play

Having retired from full-time work a few years ago, I'm now able to help out when those difficult occasions arise. Why? Because I love being around dogs and find that whether lounging around the house, playing in the garden or out walking, it's actually very relaxing! Until recently we were able to offer very successful and much-appreciated "home from home" boarding in our own home but unfortunately because of family circumstances I've had to indefinitely suspend it. I am, though, very happy to help with other things such as walking, dogsitting, short daytime calls to your home to let your dog(s) out for the proverbial "toilet break" (which I've imaginatively called a Poop-in!!) or perhaps visits to just keep your pets company and "break up the day" for them when you're away for long hours. The basic principle of Dogs at Home, as it always has been, is "flexibility". Let me know what sort of help you need and I'll try my best to provide it. 

I will happily accept all breeds of dog as I don't believe any particular one is more "dangerous" than another - although some need understanding in different ways to others and perhaps need to be treated differently too. Having owned Boxers and Dobermanns in the past, they're a breed I'm very familiar with. For some years now we've been fostering Great Danes, so I have considerable experience of them. I also now have experience of Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Staffies, St. Bernards, Weimaraners, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, American Bulldogs and more....!

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